Panorama Schools Addition and Renovation

Dear Mr. Stence,

I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with both Bob Herselius and Terry Pearce through Panorama Schools’ construction project. Both men have been very professional, courteous and dependable.

I have worked most directly with Bob Herselius throughout the project. Bob consistently is here early in the morning, stays late into the afternoon, and comes back to Panora on weekends to check on the work progress whenever necessary. I have been impressed with his ability to manage large numbers of people and to keep the project running efficiently on a very tight timeline. As you know, this past year has presented many challenges – we experienced one of the snowiest, coldest winters followed by one of the rainiest, wettest summers on record. Despite that, he was able to keep the project moving forward and to get us back into the building in only 10 short weeks this summer.

I have appreciated Bob’s can-do spirit in the face of unexpected events and adverse conditions. Always, Bob was flexible in working through problems and more than patient. Working in the midst of a school setting with so many people providing their own input had to be frustrating and time-consuming for him. But Bob was always patient with people and willing to listen and consider their ideas.

I also have appreciated the professionalism of Terry Pearce. While I didn’t work as directly with Terry, he has always been supportive and open to the needs and requests of the school district. Both men are great representatives of your company, and I have appreciated working with them.

I hate to imagine what would have happened to this project without their positive approach in the face of challenges, their skills in managing this project and their strong work ethic. As a result of their efforts, we now have a facility that we can show off to the community with pride. Please let Bob and Terry know we appreciate their involvement and enjoyed working with them.

Kathryn Elliott, Superintendent